On her Their Lives Depend

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, Tandem Theatre delivered an exciting new theatre project for women from Greater Manchester.

Three women’s groups took part:

The three drama groups explored the theme of WWI and the impact it had on women. They focused on certain issues such as poverty, loss and the change of women’s status.

The women also learnt how the war affected their local area by visiting their local museum and receiving a guided tour.

The women used the knowledge they learnt through the workshops and from the museum visits to create their own unique piece of theatre to perform. These performances were shown at their respective centres and at their local museums.

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This has brought museums to life!

Eve’s Space participant



Tandem Theatre | The Castle | Lewis Street | Eccles | Manchester | M30 0PU

Company number: 8408118 | Registered Charity number: 1157001

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