Mission and Aims

Tandem Theatre is a charity which delivers bespoke programmes for adults and young people who are vulnerable, socially excluded and marginalised. The participatory arts projects we facilitate have proven outcomes of improving emotional health and wellbeing, engaging participants with informal education and enhancing knowledge and appreciation of the arts.

Tandem Theatre’s programmes tailored to meet the varying needs of the community groups we work with all of which can be accredited and can be provided in a variety of venues e.g. youth centres, schools, pupil referral units or prisons.


  • Tandem Theatre works with vulnerable individuals and community groups to build levels of confidence, resilience and to enable social interaction.
  • Tandem utilise drama workshops to unlock the potential in participants and to increase the creative opportunities within disadvantaged communities.
  • Tandem brings an effective approach to engagement through the arts; professionally facilitating positive outcomes for all.


  • To increase levels of creative opportunity in disadvantaged communities
  • To work with a diverse range of individuals and community groups
  • To deliver outcomes-focused effective drama workshops
  • To provide accredited learning and achievement for participants
  • To provide positive, fun and challenging group activities
  • To offer group support in order to increase individual resilience



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