Employability Skills

VEAP (Vocational Employability and Arts Programme)

We are launching an Online Employability Programme where you can achieve not one, but two Level One employability qualifications.

This course is a vocational practical course so is ideal for adults who are long term unemployed and have low academic attainment.

Learners on the course will develop and gain skills useful for employment such as team work, communication and flexibility. They will learn and practice interview skills and how to facilitate creative thinking. They will improve in self reflection, having a positive mindset, empathy, self awareness, social skills and feelings management.

To complete the course the learners would have to attend one of the two Zoom sessions per week on Tuesdays OR Wednesday mornings. The course runs from next week until the end of April.

Funded by the European Social Fund

Past Projects

One Step Forward

Tandem Theatre delivered an employability course for long term unemployed adults at risk of homelessness. SEPE (Supporting Employability and Personal Effectiveness) is a Level 1 qualification accredited by Pearson (formally Edexcel). The course involved candidates taking part in drama workshops where they created theatre productions which were performed for public audiences. Through this process the participants demonstrated their skills and abilities, which are much needed for employment such as teamwork, leadership, communication and self-evaluation. 100% of the candidates achieved the award and were incredibly impressed with their success.


I know I’ve got these skills, it’s amazing to have proof on a certificate

SEPE candidate

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