Tandem Theatre

Theatre and Creative Arts for Communities

Tandem Theatre is a creative arts charity for communities across Greater Manchester and beyond. Enriching, developing and transforming lives through drama and other participatory arts.


‘This has helped me with my depression, it’s given me a purpose and it’s one of the few things that’s keeping me going.’

Drama Group Participant

We have extensive experience delivering high quality arts practice for adults with mental health problems, vulnerable women, young women and young people facing issues such as marginalisation or emotional and behavioural issues.

In all our work we aim to encourage and edify participants so they acquire the tools needed to reach their potential. Our projects take many forms depending on the needs of the various groups we work with.

We work in partnership with host organisations such as Youth Services, Homeless Support Centres, Women Centres, youth charities and alternative education providers.

In Tandem with participants

In Tandem with communities

In Tandem with funders and partners

Tandem Theatre | The Castle | Lewis Street | Eccles | Manchester | M30 0PU
Company number: 8408118 | Registered Charity number: 1157001