Tandem Theatre

“This has been the best thing I have EVER done!”

Mustard Tree Drama Group Participant

Tandem Theatre is a creative arts charity for communities across Greater Manchester and beyond. Enriching, developing and transforming lives through drama and other participatory arts. We have extensive experience delivering high quality arts practice for homeless adults, vulnerable women, young people excluded from school and various youth groups. In all our work we aim to encourage and edify participants so they acquire the tools needed to reach their potential, whether employment, emotional and mental well being or education.

Our projects take many forms depending on the needs of the various groups we work with. We work in partnership with host organisations such as Youth Services, Homeless support centres, women centres etc. We then meet with the host organisation’s clients  and consult as to what type of arts project would suit the group best. Sometimes groups prefer a project to be more low key and involve arts workshops focusing on confidence building and they might share what they’ve done with support centre staff and close friends. However, sometimes a group desires to be centre stage and so we use drama workshops to create a production that the group performs in a theatre space or cultural venue open to the public. We can focus our arts workshops to address relevant issues such as substance misuse, mental ill health or community cohesion or explore themes for example, the role of women in WWI. Our workshops consist of games and exercises to break down barriers and build social skills. The artistic practice encourages participants to think of creative ideas themselves and have ownership over their work whilst demonstrating employability skills such as teamwork, communication skills and accountability.  These projects can all be accompanied by vocational qualifications in both the arts and employability up to Level Three. Tandem Theatre’s practitioners are flexible and adapt to the needs of the participants whilst ensuring the artistic experienced is of the highest quality possible.

In Tandem with participants

In Tandem with communities

In Tandem with funders and partners

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Funders and Partners


Tandem Theatre | Mustard Tree | 110 Oldham Road | Ancoats | Manchester | M4 6AG
Company number: 8408118 | Registered Charity number: 1157001


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